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Russian River Valley
2019 Pinot Noir

About the Vineyard

Since RRV Windsor vineyard's first vintage in 2014, our goal has been to handcraft a full-flavored, complex Pinot Noir that honored old-world mastery with new world boldness.  Over the years a committed and loving group of friends and family have joined in the harvest, production, and bottling of our 6 vintages. A tribute to our beloved master winemaker Francois Cordesse, who brings the French mastery and wisdom to this extraordinary adventure. We hope our Flying Cloud Pinot Noir 2019 vintage and the unique personality of this Russian River Valley vineyard will find a place at your table.  

Blocks and Blends

  The Poolside, Hillside-Valley and La Nouvelle are block designations within the same vineyard in Windsor, CA.  We have found each block has its own character and nuance due to its relationship to the sun, water, and breeze in the vineyard.  The fruit from all 3 blocks began the production process with pre-fermentation cold soak for exceptional color and tannin extraction from full ripe clusters picked at 24-26 brix. The wine spent 12 months in oak barrels, some French, some Hungarian, both new and neutral. None of our wine has been filtered, as this removes desirable colloidal material, essential for allowing the wine to develop and achieve its highest long-term potential.

Poolside Reserve

The Poolside and Hillside-Valley are the oldest vines in the vineyard. They were planted in 2011. As the block name implies, Poolside vines are adjacent to and downslope from the pool at Flying Cloud-Windsor.  Just as we do at the pool, these vines bask in full sun, breeze and have just the right amount of water to thrive but not get lazy.  Poolside has the bright ruby red color, aromatics of ripe strawberry, Sonoma plums, and a hint of black tea. text and edit me. It's easy.

Poolside label.jpg
Hillside label.jpg

Hillside-Valley Reserve

The Hillside-Valley block is drenched in sun, breeze, but the water runs by and the vines have to work extra hard to acquire and maintain the necessary water to produce fruit. The Hillside fruit is tart and tannin dense. The Valley vines are water-rich and the profile is fruit-forward and velvety smooth. Together these two blocks create an ideal melange of bright fruit start spicy rhubarb, clove, and lush tannin finish.

La Nouvelle Reserve

La Nouvelle is the youngest of the blocks.  This vineyard was planted in 2014. It sits at a slightly higher elevation and always savors the sun to last rays of the day. These vines have the advatage of different soil and deeper roots, which we believe have produced the ultimate balance of a bright acid and fruity beginning, giving way to a lingering elegant spicy finish.

La Nouvelle Label.jpg

Concierge Club price $38 a bottle, 20% per case discount.

Please contact us for shipping details and price.

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